Hello Tuition Seekers,

a bit about us:

We are a group of parents who have recognised that our children should have the opportunity they deserve. Teaming up with experienced teachers and digital providers we have been able to put together whole lists of free 11 plus material, english grammar tests and papers all online for your child to access!

Its vital they get the practice and exposure to the 11 plus grammar skills that they need, by doing so, they will not only understand what is in the grammar school tests, but also how to take them and solve any difficult verbal reasoning or non verbal reasoning tests!

The grammar school entrance tests have been around for years, and as parents we have seen countless children go through the doors on the fateful day, trying to pass. Now with the coronavirus and the possible delay to tests, its more important now than ever that our children get the tuition support they need in order to perform at their best.

Especially after months of missing school and possibly one to one support with their tutor.

We are already lobbying with or local grammar schools to get them to be more lenient and understanding to the situation - please join us in our efforts!